Discover the Lost Continent 3000 million years old in the Indian Ocean.

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Discover the Lost Continent 3000 million years old in the Indian Ocean.

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Discover the Lost Continent 3000 million years old in the Indian Ocean.

While we all know that. Land on Earth millions of years ago. Is different from the current average. But many people may not think of. Both continents are continents that ever existed on Earth, and then disappeared. It is up to 3,000 million last year.
Mauritius The country is an island located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and Africa. The renowned for its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs.


But back to 3000 million years ago. Mauritius hotel The site of the continent, one covering the Indian Ocean. All in East Africa


The results of a recent study A group of researchers from the University of Massachusetts. In Johannesburg. Have found new evidence is crystal zirconate smooth crystal. In Mount Morris Chien. Is expected to be between 2.5 - 3 billion years, which is evidence of the existence of the continent, "Maurice Gauthier" Lost.


Professor Ann Lewis said Schwalbach crystal pieces were found from the surface of the volcano. Lava on its own Has been monitoring technology. 'Mass spectrometry Matrix series' (Mass Spectrometry) to analyze the chemical structure of molecules.


The results of the analysis TRC. Lewis and his team believe that a continent Maurice Gauthier was a connection between Madagascar and India, a distance of around 1500 kilometers before separating last 60 million years ago. The movement of tectonic


There was also the discovery of continental crust beneath Mauritius. Which had been part of the continent Maurice Gauthier before.


"Our findings prove the existence of the ancient continent of the south of Mauritius," Prof.. Lewis said the findings in the journal Nature Communications. "Mauritius and parts of South Maurice Gauthier others. Still submerged under the sea emphatically. Originally it used to be, but the buffer between Madagascar and the Indian subcontinent. "

Part of the reason the North Maurice Gauthier had disappeared beneath the sea. This may be because of the danger of a volcanic mass. The rate of frequent earthquakes And sea levels are high enough.

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