Area51 reveals secrets by former employees in the organization.

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Area51 reveals secrets by former employees in the organization.

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A short time before Boyd Buchman died in August 20ะ14. He made a video recording taken to publishing experience when he worked in Area 51 on UFO, alien and against. gravity


Boyd was a scientist who works for a big company Lockheed Martin Space program for over 40 years and his work has also been patented by innumerable.


The video has been talking about working in Area 51, which was secretly developing a secret alien technology. And adapt it to the man.


Boyd said There are many bodies of aliens were studying the secrets of this base. Within the video Boyd has shown some pictures of aliens. Was taken from a disposable camera in Area 51 as well.

"For the alien craft. We have a team that works 24 hours in the study of UFO and extraterrestrial technology. We try to understand what we need to do, "Boyd said.

According to the words of Boyd. The aliens were in Area 51 are two groups, but also the aliens who work with humans in it, too.

Area51 reveals secrets by former employees in the organization.

Alien technology rather than advancing us. They can travel faster equivalent to the light. And most of the stars are about 68 light-years from Earth.

The aliens, who worked with us in Area 51 with a height of approximately 1.5 meters, they are like human fingers and toes. But with life expectancy than men, and that they can communicate through telepathy, too.

In Area 51, also includes scientists from Russia, China and the United States to work together with the main goal of creating techno Lolo Yi against gravity like a UFO that can move freely to any direction in. Air

Boyd died at the age of 78 years after he disclosed the story about aliens were not part of the Charles Bolton residue management NASA has confirmed that, in Area 51 is not obscure. trial aliens Or any alien technology.

"There are areas, Area 51, but it was not at all thinking. It is the only research facility and common development. I've never seen an alien spaceship or longer there, "Charles said Dennis Bone
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